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Want to use Hoody on your site?

You can create a Hoody for any of your Canadian listings; and it is FREE.

Example Hoody

Create a Hoody for your website

Creating a widget for your website is quick and easy. Follow these five steps to create a personalized Hoody for one of your listings.

Tell Us About You

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Enter Your Listings Address

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Do you use WordPress? We have a Hoody Plugin!

The Hoody plugin is easy to use. Enter a line like:

  • Example: [HomeZilla]24 Sussex Ave Ottawa Ontario[/HomeZilla]

Download the Hoody plugin today: Hoody Plugin

Download, unzip, and upload to your blog’s 'wp-content/plugins/' directory. Then go to the blog admin interface and activate the plugin. Add your HomeZilla Application ID to the configuration page. Easy!

Note:The widget requires 500px in width otherwise it won't render properly.

Need Hoody on a lot of listings?

Do you have hundreds of listings? We have an API you can use email us: info [at] homezilla [dot] com for more infomration or Signup to submit your request.