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Our Data

How does HomeZilla choose data?

This is simple to answer, we collect data that will help Canadian home buyers find the perfect neighbourhood or house. The first piece of data we collected was a list of all the schools in Canada (We have about 90% right now, with the province of Quebec missing the most schools. We collected schools first because most home buyers with kids primarily worry about schools then everything else.

Examples of some other data we are collecting: child care services, dog parks, electoral districts. Our list of data to be collected is long. Depending on request from our HomeZilla members and users our HomeZilla Data List will change. If you want to request some data, send us data or comment on our data drop us an email at: press [at] homezilla [dot] com

What areas in Canada does HomeZilla cover?

HomeZilla has data for all of Canada. Home buyers across Canada deserve to easy access to all this information. That said, we will have to prioritize areas but we plan on making it democratic. Areas that offer easy access to data will always jump to the front of the queue.

What are the main piece of data at HomeZilla?

We are working on an easy way to present the data we have in different areas. Some examples of comprehensive data:

  • Public Schools - 90% and growing
  • Tim Hortons, 100%
  • Starbucks, 100%
  • Child Care Services in Vancouver and Toronto
  • Subway Routes in Toronto and Montreal

Introducing Statistics Canada Data

Statistics Canada information is used with the permission of Statistics Canada. Users are forbidden to copy this material and/or redisseminate the data, in an original or modified form, for commercial purposes, without the expressed permission of Statistics Canada. Information on the availability of the wide range of data from Statistics Canada can be obtained from Statistics Canada's Regional Offices, its World Wide Web site at http://www.statcan.ca, and its toll-free access number 1-800-263-1136.

Demographic information on our Search page is taken from Statistics Canada, 2006 Census Tract Profiles, July 2008.


This is just a quick overview. To follow the latest data check out our HomeZilla Blog.

More information on our data will be available in the future.