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About HomeZilla

HomeZilla is a one-stop shop for neighourhood information for Canadian home buyers. We offer lists of schools, the distance to restaurants, parks and much more. It can be accessed for free and with just a single click.

"Don't just buy the house, buy the neighborhood."
--Russian Proverb

HomeZilla is a one-stop shop for Canadian home buyers to find neighbourhood information.

HomeZilla's mission is to make buying a home easier and faster. HomeZilla does this by quickly connecting you with valuable home-buying and neighbourhood information so you can make informed home buying decision.

Buying a new home can be one of life's biggest challenges. On top of the financial decisions, there's also the lifestyle and location decisions: Where will you live? Is there a school nearby? Are there grocery stores nearby, or a gym? Can you walk to most amenities, or will you have to drive?

Your new neighbourhood provides will effect your lifestyle. HomeZilla wants to the process of finding the perfect area for you lifestyle faster.

What HomeZilla offers

We are a Canadian company and HomeZilla's coverage reflects this. We have national data from sea to sea, covering the major centres like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto as well as smaller cities such as Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and Lethbridge, Alberta.

Some of the information (read more about HomeZilla's data)you can find on HomeZilla:
* Businesses near an address or within a neighbourhood (coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.)
* Local transit information (bus stops, rapid transit, subway stops)
* Child care services, centres, and schools in the neighbourhood.

How does HomeZilla make money?

HomeZilla's short term revenue come from two sources (1) advertising and (2) selling raw access to our geodata.
For advertising, we offer real estate related companies the ability to geocode their ads to only the areas they care about. If a real estate agent is an expert on Mississauga Real Estate his ad will only appear to visitor reseaching a Mississauga address.
For geodata, HomeZilla offers paid access to our webservice API to help people get access to neighbourhood information around a given address.

Why did you create HomeZilla?

We built HomeZilla because we were in a similar situation and couldn't find any resources to help us. We hope you like it and find it useful.

The Team

Sandy Ward, Founder & CEO

Sandy leads the small but growing HomeZilla team. He is a computer geek by training and has been building web applications for more then 10 years. Previously, he worked as an Engineer Manager for Yahoo! Canada in Toronto.

Finding and purchasing his first home took Sandy about 36 hours. When telling this to his friends they wanted to pummel him because it took them months to find all the information they needed to buy a house. This planted the seed for HomeZilla.

Sandy lives in the neighbourhood of Cabbagetown located in Toronto. You can find him hanging around neighbourhood or at home working on his hobby website: BringMyWine.ca, a website listing all the BYOW restaurants in Ontario.

To contact Sandy send him an email at

Lawrence Jewells aka: LJ

A Glace Bay native who has a love of coding. LJ has been with HomeZilla since day one and is the go-to-guy for all things coding. LJ is an avid reader; being a computer science grad much of his reading is in fantasy and sci-fi.

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