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Keller Williams Realty Listings

6 East Petpeswick Rd, East Petpeswick
1 Beach Stone Dr, Kidston Estates
26 Robinson Rd, Ardoise
13 Larkview Terr, West Bedford
1347 Highway 105, Little Bras D'or
6177 Highway 2, Oakfield
6177 Highway 2, Oakfield
Fleetview Civic 160 Dr, Halifax
88 Fleetview Dr, Halifax
16 Behrent Crt, Fletchers Lake
Unit LOT 645, Archway Crt, Fall River
94 Hartland Dr, Grand Lake
2 Shore Rd, Herring Cove
14 Albert St, Dartmouth
14 Albert St, Dartmouth
188 Musgrave Ln, North Sydney
6452 Roslyn Rd, Halifax
174 Bradford Pl, West Bedford
176 Bradford Pl, West Bedford
42 Hartland Dr, Grand Lake
198 Lockview Rd, Fall River
460 Purves St, North Sydney
4 Belvedere Lot Rc-9 Dr, Dartmouth
22 Lethbridge Ave, Dartmouth
20 Lethbridge Ave, Dartmouth
144 Lakeland St, Beaver Bank
12 Hermann Dr, Big Lake
90 Moirs Mill Rd, Bedford
76 Eagleview Terr, Hatchet Lake
197 Melody Dr, Halifax
151 Terrance Bay Rd, Whites Lake
16 Powers Rd, Whites Lake
28 Powers Rd, Whites Lake
40 Powers Rd, Whites Lake
48 Powers Rd, Whites Lake
50 Powers Rd, Whites Lake
108 Powers Rd, Whites Lake
115 Terrance Bay Rd, Whites Lake
1174 Highway 1, Mount Uniacke
Candytuft Close, Dartmouth
21 Candytuft Close, Dartmouth
13 Candytuft Close, Dartmouth
155 Third Ave, Lakeview
19 Candytuft Close, Dartmouth
35 Elizabeth Crt, Whites Lake
29 Two Rivers Dr, Mineville
1098 Highway 1, Lakelands
14 Albert St, Dartmouth
400 Crooked Stick Pass, Beaver Bank
42 Amesbury Gt, West Bedford
30 Amesbury Gt, West Bedford
12509 Peggys Cove Rd, Tantallon
13 Mackenzie St, Eastern Passage
52 Merriweather Cres, Garlands Crossing
356 First Lake Dr, Lower Sackville
2 High Rd, Lakeside
151 Club Rd, Hatchet Lake
42 Hornes Rd, Eastern Passage
21 Tamarack Cir, Lower Sackville
7 Ridgepark Ln, Halifax
34 Bradford Pl, West Bedford
3 Powers Rd, Whites Lake
2 Powers Rd, Whites Lake
250 Coulter Cres, Oakfield
169 Coulter Cres, Oakfield
153 Coulter Cres, Oakfield
340 Irven Dr, Garlands Crossing
336 Irven Dr, Garlands Crossing
307 Irven Dr, Garlands Crossing
191 Green Village Ln, Dartmouth
Hermans Island Rd, Herman's Island
869 Beaufort Ave, Halifax
2 Lynwood Dr, Brookside
61 Skye Cres, Hammonds Plains
460 Purcell's Cove Rd, Purcell's Cove
60 Mccabe Lake Dr, Middle Sackville
95 Magenta Dr, Middle Sackville
3858 Highway 357 Paces Lake, Meaghers Grant
5 Indian Point Rd, Glen Haven
27 Christopher Ave, Mount Uniacke
4797 Highway 7, Porters Lake
185 Ingram Dr, Fall River
434 Pioneer Dr, Vaughan
Brookhill Dr, Grand Lake
51 Blockade Cir, Dartmouth
10 Bumpy Ln, Lake Echo
32 Loonview Ln, Westphal
38 Loonview Ln, Westphal
36 Loonview Ln, Westphal
34 Loonview Ln, Westphal
11 Old Mines Rd, Mount Uniacke
275 Piggott Lake Rd, Lakelands
259 Lakecrest Dr, Mount Uniacke
40 Hawkins Dr, Hubley
55 Aerie Dr, North Kentville
61 Aquila Crt, North Kentville
3 Halewood Dr, Falmouth
3 Fairfield Crt, Windsor
6 Fairfield Crt, Windsor
119 Covey Dr, North Kentville
16 Shetland Rd, Falmouth
120 Covey Dr, North Kentville
20 Jenifer Crt, New Minas
20 Jenifer Crt, New Minas
18 Breeze Dr, Dartmouth
40 Edward Laurie Dr, Halifax
168 Green Village Ln, Dartmouth
5374 Vestry St, Halifax
Fleetview Civic 150 Dr, Halifax
5968 Campbell Dr, Halifax
3 Halewood Dr, Falmouth
8 Halewood Dr, Falmouth
6526 Roslyn Rd, Halifax
650 Shore Dr, Bedford
6 Hartland Dr, Grand Lake
46 Halewood Dr, Falmouth
277 Rutledge St, Bedford
36 Heddas Way, Fall River
65 Aquila Crt, North Kentville
117 Clover Ln, Falmouth
251 Piggott Ave, Fall River
4 Fairfield Crt, Windsor
4 Fairfield Crt, Windsor
4 Edward Dr, Garlands Crossing
4 Edward Dr, Garlands Crossing
5 Edward Dr, Garlands Crossing
5 Edward Dr, Garlands Crossing
249 Viscount Run, Hammonds Plains
7 Bashful Ave, Lake Echo
555 South Rawdon Rd, Lakelands
59 Windrock Dr, Bedford
25 Bernard St, Bedford
47 Dempster Cres, Mineville
84 Shrewsbury Rd, Dartmouth
9 Clearview Dr, Bedford
128 Lexington Ave, Dartmouth
17 Griffin Pl, Cole Harbour
10 Chater St, Eastern Passage
172 Mccabe Lake Dr, Middle Sackville
6 Parkview Dr, Sackville
196 Coulter Cres, Oakfield
170 Coulter Cres, Oakfield
6 Day Hollow Dr, Fletchers Lake
14 Carriage Ln, Grand Lake
330 Savoy Ave, Kingswood
460 Savoy Ave, Kingswood
421 Savoy Ave, Kingswood
401 Savoy Ave, Kingswood
8 Evandale Ln, West Bedford
12 Evandale Ln, West Bedford
457 Rosemary Dr, Middle Sackville
205 Starview Ln, Porters Lake
206 Starview Ln, Porters Lake
67 Hummingbird Dr, Lake Echo
1 Little Mops Rd, Big Lake
29 Amesbury Gt, West Bedford
28 Amesbury Gt, West Bedford
11 Worthington Pl, Bedford
37 Kathleen Crt, Windsor Junction
22 Westwood Ave, Wolfville
14 Yorkshire Dr, Timberlea
115 St. Clair Ave, Dartmouth
51 Kathleen Crt, Windsor Junction
61 Kathleen Crt, Windsor Junction
32 White Glove Terr, Halifax
5728 Highway 14, Upper Nine Mile River
6 East Petpeswick Rd, East Petpeswick
232 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth
15 Jorphie Dr, Mount Uniacke
1519 Highway 215, Union Corner
42 Forest Glade Dr, Hatchet Lake
Highway 1, Mount Uniacke
186 Candy Mountain Rd, Mineville
63 Confederation Ave, Fall River
187 Abbington Ave, West Bedford
Brookside Rd, Brookside
315 Celebration Dr, Fall River
23 Sami Dr, Lower Sackville
291 Confederation Ave, Fall River
218 Confederation Ave, Fall River
262 Confederation Ave, Fall River
331 Confederation Ave, Fall River
731 Crooked Stick Pass, Beaver Bank
520 Crooked Stick Pass, Beaver Bank
715 Crooked Stick Pass, Beaver Bank
85 Given Dr, Grand Lake
13 Heffler St, Bedford
43 Evandale Ln, West Bedford
23 Highway 7, Lake Echo
251 Mccabe Lake Dr, Middle Sackville
120 Mccabe Lake Dr, Middle Sackville
6 Wilson Ave, Dartmouth
31 Three Admirals Dr, West Bedford
32 Three Admirals Dr, West Bedford
21 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
87 Pebblecreek Cres, Dartmouth
7 Savoy Ave, Kingswood
3240 Medway River Rd, Riversdale
70 Dixon Crt, Timberlea
21 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
114 Matthew Dr, Kingswood
21 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
13 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
32 Robert St, Fall River
27 Milsom St, Halifax
21 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
160 High Rd, Fall River
1423 Ketch Harbour Rd, Sambro Head
13 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
159 Dunsmore Dr, Fall River
275 St. Andrews St, Stewiacke
13 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
240 Glen Arbour Way, Hammonds Plains
535 Westpoint Dr, Hammonds Plains
7 Roy Cres, Bedford
90 Lincolnshire Dr, Fall River
541 Herring Cove Rd, Spryfield
15 Lodge Dr, Halifax
446 Gabriel Rd, Falmouth
20 Hammonds Plains Rd, Bedford
5 Meadowlands Park Dr, Lower Sackville
133 Canterbury Ln, Fall River
2 Etter Rd, Brooklyn
680 Hammonds Plains Rd, Bedford
2 Ardoise School House Rd, Ardoise
14 Rileys Crt, East Uniacke
424 Les Collins Ave, West Chezzetcook
315 Windsor Junction Rd, Windsor Junction
212 Waterfront Dr, Bedford
36 Bumpy Ln, Lake Echo
47 Carriage Ln, Enfield
68 Braemount Dr, Clayton Park
5 Blue Haven Cres, Brookside
971 Shore Dr, Bedford
12 Chambers Crt, Spryfield
23 Chambers Crt, Spryfield
31 Chambers Crt, Spryfield
13 Trout Run, Spryfield
68 Lakewood Dr, Brookside
349 Kings Rd, Wellington
39 Raymond Dr, Lower Sackville
314 Savoy Ave, Kingswood
311 Savoy Ave, Kingswood
1000 Ardoise School Rd, Hillsvale
6 Capistrano Dr, Dartmouth
81 Christian Ln, Fall River
68 Yerevan Dr, Lower Sackville
3664 Highway 2, Fall River
3206 Highway 2, Fall River
3114 Highway 2, Fall River
3114 Highway 2, Fall River
64 Noria Cres, Lower Sackville
24 Eastwood Terr, Bedford
3206 Highway 2, Fall River
Fish Cove Rd, Enfield
Horne Settlement Rd, Enfield
Horne Settlement Rd, Enfield
20 Candlewood Ln, Lower Sackville
90 Armcrest Dr, Lower Sackville
175 Stonewick Cross, Hammonds Plains
115 Glen Arbour Way, Hammonds Plains
56 Mystic Ridge, Brookside
11 Mccabe Lake Dr, Middle Sackville
34 Amesbury Gt, West Bedford
35 Amesbury Gt, West Bedford
36 Amesbury Gt, West Bedford
175 Montague Rd, Lake Loon
70 Blue Hill Rd, Fall River
52 King St, North Sydney
44 Bradford Pl, West Bedford
44 Bradford Pl, West Bedford
29 Antares Crt, Dartmouth
56 Beamish Rd, East Uniacke
2 Beamish Rd, East Uniacke
82 Thyme Ln, Upper Tantallon
1021 Cole Harbour Rd, Cole Harbour
13 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
92 Arrowhead Dr, Middle Sackville
10 Parkwood Dr, Mill Cove
8 Parkwood Dr, Mill Cove
31 John Gorham Ln, Bedford
31 John Gorham Ln, Bedford
31 John Gorham Ln, Bedford
36 Gallery Cres, Middle Sackville
53 Uniacke Mines Rd, Mount Uniacke
57 Uniacke Mines Rd, Mount Uniacke
18 Ernest Ave, Dartmouth
687 Pioneer Dr, Vaughan
75 Glen Baker Dr, Herring Cove
81 Glen Baker Dr, Herring Cove
85 Glen Baker Dr, Herring Cove
104 Angler Dr, Herring Cove
20 Renfrew St, Dartmouth
20 Renfrew St, Dartmouth
47 Mountainview Dr, Lake Echo
1494 Riverside Dr, Lower Sackville
31 Shaffleburg Run, Bedford
29 Windgate Dr, Windsor Junction
234 Jeep Cres, Eastern Passage
69 Glen Baker Dr, Herring Cove
61 Glen Baker Dr, Herring Cove
65 Glen Baker Dr, Herring Cove
231 Hollyhock Way, West Bedford
24 Seligs Rd, Prospect
3 Doyle Crt, Bedford
54 Tannery Dr, Elmsdale
85 Plateau Cres, Clayton Park
222 Danny Dr, Beaver Bank
202 Walter Havill Dr, Halifax
131 Pockwock Rd, Hammonds Plains
52 Ingram Dr, Fall River
1532 Cobequid Rd, Waverley
130 Foster Ave, Fall River
87 Kearney Lake Rd, Kearney Lake
71 Glen Baker Dr, Herring Cove
46 Dahlia St, Dartmouth
58 Lillian Dr, Lawrencetown
37 Regency Crt, Fall River
28 Bradford Pl, West Bedford
241 Skye Cres, Hammonds Plains
45 Vimy Ave, Halifax
1029 Tower Rd, Halifax
49 Antares Crt, Dartmouth
31 River Ln, Bedford
8 Heather St, Middle Sackville
288 Rockwell Dr, Mount Uniacke
12810 Peggys Cove Rd, Tantallon
146 Atikian Dr, Eastern Passage
45 Babyon Crt, Hammonds Plains
34 St. Clair Ave, Dartmouth
57 Hazelwood Dr, Newport Corner
10 Elcona Ave, Middle Sackville
3733 Lawrencetown Rd, Lawrencetown
1 Charles Dr, Mount Uniacke
1019 Waverley Rd, Waverley
22 Lochaber Crt, Dartmouth
39 Pentz Lake Rd, Mount Uniacke
40 Paper Mill Ln, Bedford
19 Glenn Baker Dr, Halifax
20 Glenn Baker Dr, Halifax
115 Howe Ave, Fall River
47 Terradore Ln, Bedford
82 Heddas Way, Fall River
39 Robinson Dr, Fall River
172 Abbington Ave, West Bedford
13 Bruce St, Mount Uniacke
111 Ritcey Cres, Cole Harbour
93 Executive Dr, Middle Sackville
95 Executive Dr, Middle Sackville
61 Tyler St, Enfield
45 Leeside Dr, Sydney
162 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth
3412 Rowe Ave, Halifax
75 Capilano Dr, Windsor Junction
133 Melody Dr, Halifax
133 Melody Dr, Halifax
5769 Cunard St, Halifax
3591 Clam Harbour Rd, Clam Harbour
8 Old Peter's Rd, East Chezzetcook
1716 Ashdale Rd, South Rawdon
4 Robin St, Halifax
11 Village Cres, Bedford
13 Bedford St, Bedford
95 Dockside Ln, Porters Lake
1804 Highway 14, Vaughan
129 Atikian Dr, Eastern Passage
4993 Highway 215, Summerville
4625 Highway 215, Summerville
706 Sandwick Dr, Hammonds Plains
15 Meghan Crt, Windsor Junction
384 Millwood Dr, Lower Sackville
80 Stockton Ridge, Bedford
100 Dartmouth Rd, Bedford
68 Howe Ave, Fall River
2879 Sackville Dr, Upper Sackville
525 Springfield Lake Rd, Middle Sackville
15 Copperhead Lot 5b Rd, Waverley
27 Copperhead Lot 5a Rd, Waverley
730 East Chezzetcook Rd, East Chezzetcook
8 Kincardine Dr, Dartmouth
182 Abbington Ave, West Bedford
1088 Robie St, Halifax
84 Pleasant St, North Sydney
120 Confederation Ave, Fall River
357 Abbey Rd, Stillwater Lake
14 Carriage Ln, Grand Lake
470 Crooked Stick Pass, Beaver Bank
1088 Robie St, Halifax
78 Rockwell Dr, Mount Uniacke
33 Beech Hill Dr, Fall River
85 St Andrews Dr, Fall River
767 Parkland Dr, Halifax
34 Lakefield Dr, Mount Uniacke
5 Tedbury Cres, Middle Sackville
84 Shrewsbury Rd, Dartmouth
1751 South Rawdon Rd, Mount Uniacke
62 Beaver Lake Dr, Hammonds Plains
22 Deerfoot Ridge, West Chezzetcook
55 Remington Crt, Halifax
190 Ingram Dr, Fall River
211 Parklane Dr, Lower Sackville
55 Noonan Dr, Prospect Bay
31 Yellow Birch Ln, Lakelands
11 Worthington Pl, Bedford
115 Trevco Hill, Porters Lake
1408 Riverside Dr, Sackville
333 Bailee Dr, Tantallon
3 Earleton Ave, Dartmouth
151 Fenerty Rd, Middle Sackville
22 Valkyrie Cres, Dartmouth
Candytuft Close, Dartmouth
7 Elliott Rd, South Rawdon
6 Elliott Rd, South Rawdon
2 Elliott Rd, South Rawdon
3 Elliott Rd, South Rawdon
4 Elliott Rd, South Rawdon
364 Heatherglen Dr, Beaver Bank
559 Kinsac Rd, Beaver Bank
60 Walter Havill Dr, Halifax
29 Promise Grove, Dartmouth
59 Windrock Dr, Bedford
63 Confederation Ave, Fall River
161 Norman Bl, Hammonds Plains
76 Sandwick Dr, Hammonds Plains
23 Moore Rd, Antrim
3382 St. Andrews Ave, Halifax
West St, North Sydney
15 Jorphie Dr, Mount Uniacke
2844 Sackville Dr, Upper Sackville
28 Ainslie Cres, Eastern Passage
51 Union St, Bedford
15 Morning Star Crt, Brookside
52 Whitehall Cres, Dartmouth
3108 Highway 2, Fall River
3108 Highway 2, Fall River
14 Shirley Ave, Mount Uniacke
70 Dixon Crt, Timberlea
9 Bruce St, Mount Uniacke
113 Belleshire Dr, Lower Sackville
5570 Heatherwood Crt, Halifax
39 Ridge Ave, Stewiacke
9153 Highway 7, Jeddore
46 Amesbury Gt, West Bedford
Highway 107, West Petpeswick
846 Ketch Harbour Rd, Portuguese Cove
477 Portovista Dr, Portuguese Cove
311 Portovista Dr, Portuguese Cove
800 Ketch Harbour Rd, Portuguese Cove
37 Hollyhock, West Bedford
38 Hollyhock Way, West Bedford
43 Hollyhock Way, West Bedford
33 Three Admirals Dr, West Bedford
34 Three Admirals Dr, West Bedford
889 Basinview Dr, Bedford
13 Fairfield Crt, Windsor
173 Portovista Dr, Portuguese Cove
Unit LOT 204, Burgess Cres, Windsor
856 Ketch Harbour Rd, Portuguese Cove
846 Ketch Harbour Rd, Portuguese Cove
20 Curto Crt, Portuguese Cove
Unit LOT 213, Burgess Cres, Windsor
15 Jenifer Crt, New Minas
Unit LOT 136, Acadia Dr, Kentville
Unit LOT 118, Acadia Dr, Kentville
Unit LOT 56, Aerie Dr, North Kentville
Unit LOT 97, Scott Dr, North Kentville
Unit LOT 79, Tailfeather Crt, North Kentville
21 Jenifer Crt, New Minas
21 Jenifer Crt, New Minas
Talon Dr, North Kentville
800 Ketch Harbour Rd, Portuguese Cove
Covey Dr, North Kentville
Tailfeather Crt, North Kentville
Aerie Dr, North Kentville
Unit LOT 1, Kara Anne Crt, New Minas
23 Halewood Dr, Falmouth
Falmouth Back Rd, Falmouth
104 Clover Ln, Falmouth
8 Merriweather Cres, Garlands Crossing
17 West Jeddore Rd, Lower West Jeddore
Unit LOT 6A, Kara Anne Crt, New Minas
Unit LOT 6B, Kara Anne Crt, New Minas
Unit LOT 210, Queens Crt, Kentville
96 Sunrise Ln, Mount Uniacke
Unit LOT 71, Otter Point Extension, East Chester
25 Tall Trees Crt, Mineville
5 Coppermoon Crt, Halifax
102 Alder Ln, Mount Uniacke
871 Basinview Dr, Bedford
Unit LOT 2, Bog Rd, Falmouth
2878 Barrington St, Halifax
103 White Wing Crt, North Kentville
Unit LOT 211, Queens Crt, Kentville
Unit LOT 214, Queens Crt, Kentville
65 Macdonald Park Rd, Kentville
59 Macdonald Park Rd, Kentville
23 Dorothea, Dartmouth
61 Macdonald Park Rd, Kentville
63 Macdonald Park Rd, Kentville
Unit LOT 120, Clover Ln, Falmouth
Unit LOT 15-1, Megan Cres, Middle Sackville
65 Macdonald Park Rd, Kentville
West Petpeswick Rd, West Petpeswick
145 Freshwater Trail, Dartmouth
490 Crooked Stick Pass, Beaver Bank
4 Peace Crt, Halifax
762 Pioneer Dr, Vaughan
35 Elizabeth Crt, Whites Lake
Unit LOT, Fall River Rd, Fall River
13 Gazebo Ln, Hatchet Lake