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  • Barbara Deveau
  • Sales Representative
  • The Real Estate Store
  • Hebron, NS

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Federal Voting History

West Nova Results

Conservative, Greg Kerr, 2008
Liberal, Robert Thibault, 2006
Liberal, Robert Thibault, 2004

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796 Highway 1 Rd, Hebron, NS    

Last Updated 2012-06-29

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Schools near 796 Highway 1 Rd, Hebron, NS MLS ® 90159286

École Jean-Marie-Gay   9680 Highway 1 KM 5.5
École Stella-Maris   288 Peter Dugas Road KM 12.6
St. Mary'S Bay Academy   4079 Highway 1 KM 14.8
Islands Consolidated School   75 Overcove Rd KM 15.6
Weymouth Consolidated School   4695 Highway 1 KM 16.9

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