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  • Donna Williams
  • Sales Representative
  • Shelburne, NS

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South Shore-St. Margaret's Results

Conservative, Gerald Keddy, 2008
Conservative, Gerald Gordon Keddy, 2006
Conservative, Gerald Keddy, 2004

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56 John St, Shelburne, NS    

Last Updated 2012-11-30

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Schools near 56 John St, Shelburne, NS MLS ® 80146475

Hillcrest Academy   127 Kings St. M 307
Shelburne Regional High School   415 Woodlawn Dr KM 1.7
Lockeport Regional High School   10 Locke St KM 17.8
Lockeport Elementary School   73 Beech Street KM 17.9
Forest Ridge Academy   59 Forest View Drive KM 29.5

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Proximity to this address does not guarantee enrollment eligibility. Please contact a local real estate professional for more information