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  • Jennifer Wilson
  • Sales Representative
  • Re/max Park Place Inc.
  • Main A Dieu, NS

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Federal Voting History

Cape Breton-Canso Results

Liberal, Rodger Cuzner, 2008
Liberal, Rodger Cuzner, 2006
Liberal, Rodger Cuzner, 2004

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2002 Main A Dieu, Main A Dieu, NS    

Last Updated 2012-11-05

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Schools near 2002 Main A Dieu, Main A Dieu, NS MLS ® 15569163

George D. Lewis School   21 Kent St KM 12.5
Riverside Elementary School   7430 Horne'S Rd KM 16.1
Donkin-Gowrie Complex   81 Centre Ave KM 19.8
Glace Bay Elementary School   135 Brookside St KM 21.4
Morrison Junior High School   101 Mclean St KM 21.8

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Proximity to this address does not guarantee enrollment eligibility. Please contact a local real estate professional for more information